The application process is free and open to all. We will be reviewing applications as they are received. Incomplete applications will not be considered. We will be accepting 7 artists for each residency in total.

The residency fee is as follows:

  1. 2100 Euros for the residency “June” (15/06/2021-28/06/2021) 
  2. 2100 Euros for the residency “July” (01/07/2021-14/07/2021)
  3. 2500 Euros for the residency “September” (01/09/2021-21/09/2021) 

A place in the Residency is only secured by submitting a deposit of 35% of the Residency fee. You can read the terms and conditions of the residencies here and frequently asked questions here.

Between the 15th of May 2020 and 15th of June 2020, Descoverartists is hosting an online giveaway in collaboration with @artleove on Instagram. In order to enter, follow both @descoverartists and @artleove on Instagram, tag two of your friends on the post of the giveaway and apply through the form below for the chance to win a spot in a 2021 residency of your choice.

Descover: Hydra 2021