Descover: Hydra terms & conditions

Descover: Hydra terms & conditions

The residency provides hospitality as follows: 

  1. Transportation from Piraeus port to Hydra and back. 
  2. Accommodation during the course of the residency. 
  3. Tickets to all the sites and excursions visited as part of and organised by the residency. 
  4. Workshops organised by the residency. 
  5. Once-a-week dinners or drinks with the group provided by Descoverartists.
  6. Online or live exhibition, depending on the circumstances, documenting the experience, the artists and their work the following year.

Accommodation is organised as follows: 

1. Rooms & bathrooms at the residency are shared 

2. Cooking and cleaning the house during our stay is undertaken collectively. 

3. Accommodation includes the bedrooms as well as big common rooms, a common kitchen, a large garden, balconies and a common large studio where the artists are invited to work on the projects.


1. Hydra is a car, motorbike and bicycle free island with many steps and pebbled alleys. Transportation is only by foot, donkeys, and sea taxis. Because of that we unfortunately are not wheelchair accessible. 

2. The residents are expected to respect the island, its inhabitants, environment & animals, and the local culture as well as be respectful to the rest of the residents. 

Access to technology: 

Residents should bring their own equipment and or materials (computers etc.) however please do contact us regarding the materials you are going to need to see if we can assist in any way. The residency takes place in an island of Greece with limited ability to obtain tech/electronic materials while we are there. For this reason residents should check in advance concerning what materials will be available, and what they will need to bring. 

Living expenses: 

While there are few expenses the residents need to consider while at the residency, it is worth having some funds for trips to local cafes and the like. Calculate approximately 15-50 euros a day for such incidentals. 

Transportation to and from Athens: 

The residency does not provide transportation to and from Athens, interested residents are responsible for arranging this themselves. 

Minimum number of participants: 

The residency runs only if a minimum number of participants is reached. In the case that is not, Descoverartists will inform all confirmed participants and will issue a full refund for the residency fee. 

Residency Changes: 

Wherever possible you will be advised in advance of any alterations to the residency once booked. However, we reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel a retreat, in which case we will offer a full refund of the fee paid up till then. 

Early bird discount:

The early bird discount (350 Euro discount) is applied to everyone that secures their spot (by paying the deposit) at one of our retreats by (DD/MM/YYYY) 01/09/2021.

Promotions and discounts:

Unfortunately you cannot combine two discounts. The biggest one automatically applies to your spot. 

Cancellations and refunds: 

The deposit to secure a spot (35% of the residency fee) is not refundable. 

Any amount of the remaining fee the artist has submitted will be refunded at 100% (minus the bank fees at 5%) if they cancel (DD/MM/YYYY):

  1. by 01/03/2021 for the residency "June" - (10/06/2022-30/06/2022)
  2. by 01/04/2021 for the residency “July” (01/07/2022-21/07/2022)
  3. by 01/05/2021 for the residency “August” (01/08/2022-21/08/2022)
  4. by 01/06/2021 for the residency “September” (01/09/2022-21/09/2022) 

The remainder fee has to be paid:

  1. by 01/03/2021 for the residency "June" - (10/06/2022-30/06/2022)
  2. by 01/04/2021 for the residency “July” (01/07/2022-21/07/2022)
  3. by 01/05/2021 for the residency “August” (01/08/2022-21/08/2022)
  4. by 01/06/2021 for the residency “September” (01/09/2022-21/09/2022) 

Artists who do not cancel and do not submit the remainder of the fee by 01/03/2022, 01/04/2022, 01/05/2022 and 01/06/2022 respectively, forfeit their deposit, the remainder fee submitted till that date and their spot in the residency. 

In the case that an artist attending has chosen the option to pay the residency fee with instalments and has not submitted the full remainder fee by the dates stated above as the final deadlines, they forfeit their deposit, together with any instalments submitted till that date, and their spot in the residency.

In order to cancel your spot please send a cancellation request to the Descoverartists team’s email address ([email protected]). We will reply within 24 hours with a cancellation confirmation. The cancellation confirmation document will state the date and time and that is the date of reference in regards to any refunds applicable.  

Terms and conditions changes: 

We reserve the right to update and/or alter these terms and conditions at anytime, and it is your responsibility to be familiar with them prior to booking with us. The latest terms and conditions can always be found above and will supersede any previous versions. 

Damages to the house or to other locations on the island:

We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the artists during their time at the Descover: Hydra retreats. The artists are required to follow the house rules as set by the owners of the house, or they will have to pay any fees charged after the checkout.

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