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Descover: Hydra is a residency aiming to make artists question their creative process. It aims to push the boundaries of what artists know, bring inspiration and create a discussion around art through cultural immersion. Situated on the Greek island of Hydra, the residency focuses on what the power of collaboration and community can create, whilst drawing inspiration from the stunning island of just two-thousand people and overlooking the Argosaronic gulf.

All artistic disciplines are welcome and a community is built, where people can live and work together, not only sharing their knowledge but also gaining from others. Descoverartists creates a “home” for all artists where they can be inspired and focus on their art. The retreat aspires to become a friendly creative platform where people can coalesce as creatives to collaborate, create and inspire.

With an industry which stifles creativity and working together, we wanted to allow artists to extend their usual limits and immerse themselves into a completely collective way of living, enabling communal balance and drawing from the differences found within each artist and their methods.

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The main focus of the residency therefore, is collaboration and how the creative process can be evolved and grown in an environment that promotes working and living with other artists. We wanted to provide a space where artists will feel free to experiment, collaborate, network and experience the environment around them.

We want to make sure that every member of the created collective will have something to offer to the group and to the experience itself. Throughout the residency, every member will have the right to propose ideas, discuss their work, give feedback and share their creative process in a flexible and relaxed environment.

Descoverartists provides a host of both indoor and outdoor areas, to offer a dynamic, collaborative space that is accessible and inspiring to all.

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The extensiveness of the house provides the opportunity to not only allow people to share their spaces and work together, but also to allow for seclusion and meditation to maximise creativity output.

Apart from accommodation, the retreat includes workshops curated by experienced experts such as museum directors, successful artists, gallery owners, and other mentors that can provide valuable insights and knowledge.

Descoverartists also provides stimulating experiences that will keep the artists physically active like group exercises and nature excursions and will also give back to the community of the island by participating in restoration and sustainability projects in the local Greek community.

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Hydra has historically been a hub for artists with painters, photographers, musicians, and sculptures congregating there for decades, making it the perfect place to network and be surrounded by fellow artists.

It is a small island in Greece overlooking the Argosaronic gulf with a population of just 2000 people. It is mostly known for its rich artistic history, calm atmosphere, and breath-taking scenery and is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and the destination for artists and seekers of romance and beauty.

The island is famous for having no vehicles, so the only transport is by donkey, sea taxis, or on foot. There are several hikes with stunning views over the island, as well as a selection of beaches with crystal clear waters and a general laid back atmosphere making it the perfect island retreat.

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There will be four residencies throughout 2022. The price includes accommodation, workshops, and lectures from professionals of the industry and artists, team activities such a boat trips and outdoor cinema screenings and also return tickets from Athens to the island.