Descover: Hydra frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

We are a couple/friends. Could we share a room in the residency? Do we get any discounts?

If you would like to attend the residency with a spouse or friend, providing you are both artists and you both get accepted in the residency, it is possible. Make sure that you both mention in the additional comments section that you would like to attend with someone and mention each other's name. If you both get accepted you will receive an email with the next steps to follow. The price per person for artists that attend together is 60% of the original price (For example if the price of the residency is 2500 Euros, the price per person would be 1500 Euros) 

What do I need to bring in terms of equipment, and what can I get there, or is provided?

Please to make sure you have as much equipment as possible contact us directly stating your needs and we will discuss possibilities. However you should consider bring basic ecquipment that you think will aid your work while at the residency, like cameras, laptops, etc. Please keep in mind that you would need Europe outlets and voltage.

What will the weather be like?

In June and July, Greece will be very warm with temperatures reaching 35 degrees.

In September, Greece could be sunny and summer-like the whole time, or, if the rainy season is a bit early, the weather could be mixed. When the sun is out expect temps around 28-20 degrees.

What can one get on the island?

Very basic supplies—small general stores for food, pharmacies and cafes. There is one art and photography store that you could get film, paint, brushes etc. For more sophisticated supplies please contact us directly.

How much does the residency costs?

Please see our terms & conditions.

Can my residency fee be refunded if I have to cancel?

For our cancellation policy please see our terms & conditions.

I am worried that my aesthetic may not mesh with the group, should I be?

We select residents that we have reason to believe will fit well with the other residents, and with the overall aesthetic Des-cover. In general, you need to have an open mind; as there will be time that you will be working with others. Come with an expectation to have your aesthetic broadened, and to do so for others.

Is Hydra handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, Hydra is not handicap accessible, there are many steps and stairs throughout.

Please keep in mind

Smoking is not permited in the house throught the duration of the residency.

Do you offer any funding

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer funding at this time. If interested please do contact us at [email protected] and we will provide you with links to resourse that may be available. We would also be happy to provide a letter of acceptance for the artist.