our story

Descoverartists is a unique and all-inclusive interdisciplinary platform for the arts. We focus on the needs of the artists and provide them with tailored support through services of management, branding, promotion and more.

We saw a new paradigm emerging, one that is reshaping what artists are, how they work, collaborate and—even what art is. The current industry model forces artists to hire a range of different professionals to work on different aspects of their career, which can often become both complicated and expensive. 

So we decided to reject the way the industry currently works and create a new business model that combines all the services that artists might need in order to grow, allowing that way the artists to direct their focus entirely on creating and their work.

We also decided to reject the traditional titles such as fashion designer, musician, photographer or painter as we believe these boundaries should be seen as fluid; on a spectrum between visual and sound, and anywhere in-between, to give artists the freedom to experiment, change and choose the mediums that inspire them the most. 

In addition, at the centre of our new model lies collaboration. We strongly believe that in order to disrupt the stale and outdated industry we see today, it is the collective power of artists that will lead the way to a system more focused on the artists and their art. It is important to us that we provide both a platform and a space to enable and encourage artists to work together and grow. By bringing artists together and giving them all the necessary tools, we aim to help artists grow their reach and unite forces in order to combine their professional values and build powerful careers and stories around the art and creative industries.