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Descover: Academy is a new educational system designed to serve artists in developing their creativity and finding their place in the art market. 

The program focuses on providing guidance and added tools for artists in any discipline to achieve personal goals and sustainable careers.

In our view, the structure of the traditional educational system often impedes creativity, from impractical curricula in which students have no agency to grading systems measured by linearity without acknowledgment of the nonlinear nature of arts.

Descover: Academy courses are not be held in a traditional classroom environment. As the program seeks to give artists the time and freedom to be creative, classes are held through an online video platform or through class meetings at art studios, museums, cafes, recording studios, theatres, and other places where students can experience the city and its creative culture. 

The program is based in Athens, a city that during the past few years has emerged as a new up and coming art capital. Athens’ art scene has been under the spotlight, with a wave of artists, entrepreneurs, and art spaces setting up shop in the city as of late.

As with everything that Descoverartists does, the Academy is founded in collaboration. We provide a space where artists can feel free to experiment, collaborate, network, and experience the environment around them. Each student will have something to contribute to the group and to the overall experience, and each student will have the right to propose ideas, discuss their work, provide feedback, and share their creative process in an inclusive and relaxed environment.

The program’s courses are curated by Descoverartists and a collection of experienced experts such as museum directors, curators, successful artists, gallery owners, art managers, and other mentors who can provide valuable insight and knowledge.

Descoverartists also provides stimulating experiences including group debates, exercises, networking events, and field trips.

The academy will run from October 2022 to March 2023. Student fees cover all classes, workshops, guest lectures from artists and professionals of the industry plus group activities including debates, local excursions, and a trip to Thessaloniki with travel and accommodation.


Core Course 1: Arts Toolkit

This module provides the students with the right toolkit in order to follow a career in the arts. From basic issues of general management to opportunities for collaboration and experimentation, the module focuses on the general knowledge of key elements in order to sustain a career as an artist. Some of the subjects include:

  • How to market your art
  • Project management
  • Sponsorship strategies
  • Copyrights and law
  • How do you find inspiration
  • Current trends and issues in Arts & Culture
  • Symbolism in the Arts
  • Studio management 
  • Importance of collaboration
  • Creative direction
  • Product photography
  • Publications
  • Communication & Networking
  • Personalities to know in Arts & Culture

Core Course 2: Research Project

This module is centered on the development of the capstone research project chosen by each student.

Each student shall choose a final project that could be writing or producing a music album, designing a fashion collection, creating an original artwork, writing a book, conducting research, or anything else on which the artist would like to focus their time and resources.

The coordinator of the unit shall present and interpret material, which approaches methods of conducting research and processing its results.

The module monitors the topics chosen by the students and the development of their research and contributes with instructions, and suggestion to their finalisation. Students have the chance to systematically present new information and the progress or the work where everyone participates with comments and interventions.